Re: Re:Cinematic camera


Since there is renewed interest in this type of mod, I thought I’d
bump this thread.

I’m also going to attach a brief conversation between myself, Kaii, and fsxskymaster
in the chat box discussing fsxskymaster’s ideas. I lost his kick-off question,
but basically he asked if something like Kaii’s FPS mod could be adapted
to bring in some free-roaming camera functionality…

Yes – I know – what we’re talking about wouldn’t do what’s being done
in the video above… That would be the ideal camera control.

(Newest comment is at the bottom…)

fsxskymaster : …I think it would still work. I got the first person superman mod for first person parachuting, the Bolopatch to hide the cross-hairs, and I turned the HUD transparency all the way up, so anything on the screen appeared invisible. Now if only I could control the camera more easily, I could make some awesome cinematics.

Kaii : @fsxskymaster that’s actually the problem – camera control. There is no available way to change it. There are a fixed number of camera control styles and none of them adhere to what you are suggesting. I could be wrong, if you find a control style that works (perhaps swimming?), then the rest is a piece of cake.

voxbox13 : @fsxskymaster – I was thinking about your request for a free-roaming camera… I don’t know if this is counter-intuitive to what you’re thinking but here’s an idea: It’s pretty easy to make the player character invisible. There is also already a mod to make holstered weapons invisible. Probably easy to make a helicopter or airplane invisible, too. Would this approach work for you?

fsxskymaster : @voxbox13 Sure! Nice idea! :D My only concern would be the awkward camera position to the upper right of Rico. It might make swiveling and panning rather awkward feeling. I use the XBOX 360 Controller for Windows to play, just an FYI. Maybe if you used the centered camera swimming animation ‘through the air’ + invisible player + invisible weapons + a speedier swim with NO camera shake or wobble, you might have yourself a perfect cinematic-style free-roam camera! ^^

I hope this gets some interest going in pursuing a camera mod for cinematics. ;)