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A very good idea:
– A mobile hideout in form of a giant airship!
– Can be controlled via map to order it to fly to various locations.
– Can be under siege by Panay’s fighter jets!

How to implement:

– Maybe have it so once you play through a certain area of the game, your Black Market Dealer came up with the idea of mobile hideouts and asks you to collect:
> Money
> Big Metal Scrap Parts (Use a vehicle to tow it back to a construction yard)

This can come up with extra side missions, like getting various Scrap Metals, and the occasional “mystery” rocks that is guarded by Panay’s forces (will be explained later).

Mysterious Rock:
– This rock apparently has a substance in it that allows engine to burn more efficient than coal, about 1000x more efficient.

After you completed the missions and obtained a “mobile fortress” (you can upgrade it with turrets and explosive weaponry). You will receive an additional option after “calling” the dealer with your beacon labeled “Signal Mobile Base”.

This is so it works like an extraction, but the other way around. Instead of you getting to one place, It just makes the fortress “warp” to your location, if it’s plausible enough to fly there. From that point on, seek a helicopter or a high place to grapple back onto the “ship’.

Eventually, you can hire npcs to man the turrets by paying them, and they can defend your ship, or you can order them to invade the surface by doing an air drop with a vehicle (drop pod that’s designed to NOT explode). The pods should always be designed to disappear after being deployed on the ground, and all npc in one should be scripted to leave it.