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It wouldn’t matter.

I looked over the spawnsettings file again when you posted the idea, and besides the hashes or what have you for object ID I’m not overly sure about duplicating there’s the fact that it points directly to to a file I cannot look at or modify as yet.

The same way that I renamed the heavydrops without actually doing anything else to it and ended up with the standard SMG called out of weapons.bin, the same thing is going to happen if I put a reference call to a renamed pickup folder. It’s going to point to what it’s already programmed to point to.

Plus, at this point I have black market pointing only to heavydrops. Like I said before, heavydrops is the next step regardless of what else has to be changed to make this all work out.

But, there’s a bit of a development. I found some kind of “learning edition” freeware download by the people who made the program that writes .epe files. So I’m going to see if there’s any hope that way, because if I can get this thing to open the .epe’s I might well be able to blow this shit wide open.