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Well, I’m bore so i play this game again haha :woohoo: , to the point, here :

50 //unknown
500 //pull strength between object with other object(non-human object)
50 //reel grip
40 //normal reel speed (reel without parachute)
910000 //Grapplinghook range, act like a max limit for Grapplinghook in weapon.bin
0.91 //unknown
2 //total object to hook >>broke gameplay
50 //chute reel speed (reel with parachute on)
1 //total wire to deploy >>broke gameplay
140 //value that if set too high will give u same effect with “hook on ceiling” while u “hook on vertical wall” or something
3 //unknown
1111 //pull strength between player and 1 object or 1 human
500 // wire durability on hooking 2 objects
16 //unknown

500 >> so far as i know, this is only effecting non-human object, so if u hooking some object with human object and the value around 500, u can’t see any different “cuz the mass of object is higher than the value-?”, but if u hooking some object with human object and the value set around 25000 or higher “than the mass-?”, u will see the car(if u hooking with the car) will send around to the sky dragging the human within

50 >> this reel grip value very important if u are doing sling shot(i mean u are hook on something while u are in parachute), so if u set too low, it will make u “not going anywhere” while u in parachute and hook on something. if u set it too high, it will send u right away to the hook point and not giving a chance the wind will blow u higher in parachute.

140 >> just like what the desc i say. tested on some non-metal wall and it’s work, well if the wall not send u fly away hahaha. but on some higher value, this will make u,,, eerr swing around on vertical wall like u swing on ceiling… :huh:

500 >> yeah this value will makes hook wire on 2 attached objects not break so easily, but there is limit, the mass that can be takes and how fast the object u send flying. so if u set this value to high and set the value of value id=”2A925441″ too high and u attached the hook(ex : between car and wall/road/static object) not very distance, this will break the wire easily. if u set this value too low( ex : 1 or 0) when u hooked 2 objects, the wire will break right away.