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Machine Cannon: Makes the Machine gun fire Cannon bullets

Home Weapons Machine Cannon: Makes the Machine gun fire Cannon bullets
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This mod makes the Machine gun fire the Cannon bullets. They aren't *as* powerful as the normal cannon bullets, but they're still pretty freaking powerful. If you encounter ANY problems please state them in the comments below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Install Instructions:

Go into/extract the zip and copy the weapons.bin file into your JustCause2/dropzone directory. If the dropzone folder isn't already there, create it.

I hope you enjoy this. :D



Made it one handed and increased ammo velocity.

Note: If you had the machine gun as your 2 handed weapon and you install this, it will be bugged. To fix this, simply pick up another 2 handed weapon to get rid of the machine gun, then pick the machine gun back up as a 1 handed weapon. :D

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